About me

Hi there, I’m Aleks and I run Easy Vegan Blog. I adopted a vegan lifestyle in august 2016 and since then I’ve discovered a whole new world when it comes to cooking food. I’ve been cooking more than ever and friends and colleagues have inspired me to to start this blog and share my recipes with you guys.

I was on a vegetarian diet for 6 months thinking that a vegan diet was complicated to maintain. After learning more about the health benefits of veganism and the effects of the meat and dairy industry on our environment, I realized that I needed to stop consuming dairy and eggs as well.

I make most of my food myself at home. I try not to rely on restaurants, highly processed foods or store bought ready meals, but every once in a while I do use these options for convenience sake. I’m by no means a chef or a nutritionist, just a foodie who loves making food. I try to keep my recipes quick & easy to follow and I hope you find value in these recipes.

What to expect?

Staying healthy on a vegan diet involves a lot of cooking at home. I usually make sure to prepare my recipes so that I can pack them with me for work or school. Yesterdays dinner is usually todays lunch. This saves me time and energy and insures that I get proper nutrition throughout the day.

This blog will focus on easy to make recipes that are perfect to pack for work and lunch. I will also include some recipes which take longer time and are more difficult, but definitely worth the effort.

One of the many benefits of switching to a plant-based diet is that there are so many new things to discover and try. All the new flavors and foods you’ll taste will be in clear conscience, knowing you’re not supporting animal suffering and also substantially reducing your carbon footprint on this planet.

I love trying different and new things, so my recipes are inspired by cuisines from all over the world, and I can’t wait to share my recipes with you!

I will cover tofu, tempeh, seitan, nutritional yeast and more as this blog progresses.